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I’m sitting at my safari tent in Botswana overlooking the scenic Okavango Delta... I have just hunted this magnificent elephant with my client on day eight of our 14 day safari. Tomorrow morning we are travelling back to South Africa. We had a fantastic trip, saw lots of elephants and other game along with beautiful sceneries. You might ask why I write this as I’m a South African Safari Specialist…. We have just crossed the Limpopo River (The border between South Africa and Botswana). The client and his wife made me stop, thanked me for the Botswana Safari but could not stop telling me how happy they are to be back in South Africa, what they called home.

This made me realize that all the clients I took hunting over the past years in the so called wilderness countries (Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe) had one thing in common without any exception. They all had the same response on our return to South Africa. Clients feel comfortable, safe, at home and relaxed in South Africa.

Therefore I’m proud to offer you our information on South Africa. I truly believe we offer the best hunting and safari destination in the world. It’s also a fact that more hunters visit South Africa than all other countries in Southern Africa together. I would like to thank my family and everyone in the Quagga team for their professionalism, enthusiasm and all the extra miles they put in to make every client’s safari more enjoyable and successful. Off course a business is nothing without clients. We have made so many friends over the years, had our best time with clients and can’t wait to have you all back. From me and the Quagga team we would like to thank all for your valuable support, loyalty and friendship to make the past season another highlight and one of the best. We had so many highlights that I can’t start to mention it.

I invite all new clients to visit Quagga Safaris and decide for yourself why, and what we offer different than our competitors. Quagga Safaris is the right choice for a fun filled action packed safari!! All the best and see you around the Quagga Safaris campfire.

Erik Visser