As the founder of this unique hunting package, Quagga Safaris is still the leader in offering and producing this exclusive package.Over the past years we had huge success with this package as our clients recognize this as value for money and getting an extreme hunting experience by hunting Cape Buffalo, Crocodile and Sable through the hunting methods and approaching of each specie.

Hunting the illusive crocodile that’s on average 60 – 80 years old, and as we always say most of the time older than the hunter. The thrill and excitement of hunting the dangerous Cape Buffalo can only be described by those that’s done it and stalking up on a majestic Sable bull will make your heart jump out of your chest. At Quagga Safaris we honor and celebrate this package whereby the client receive a Life Membership to our exclusive club at a very special Outfitters evening


$29 500
10 full days
Crocodile (up to 12 feet)
Buffalo (up to 40″)
Sable (up to 40″)

Upgrades available as per pricelist and other species may be added.

Experience the unique hunting of the illusive crocodile.The thrill and excitement of facing the Cape Buffalo.Stalking the majestic and probably the most beautiful plains game animal, the sable.

All this on a combo safari that will change your life.

This also comes with:

  • Life Membership to our exclusive Outfitters Hunting Club
  • Customized shirt and hat
  • Customized gift pack (hunting knife, leather belt)