EVERY hunter and outdoors man that had the privilege of seeing the MAJESTIC SABLE ANTELOPE, will agree that it is definitely one of the most beautiful animals we have in Africa. For that matter also one of the most sought after plains game trophies on earth. South Africa has produced some of the best quality sable during the past few years that’s been hunted in Africa. Due to our well managed wildlife conservation in South Africa we have now the best gene pool of Southern Sable available anywhere.

Every year our clients take top class bulls. Our sable population has grown so that we can hunt better bulls every year, as we have access to the best sable areas where we will find you the sable you’ve been dreaming of. During the past three years our clients hunted trophy bulls with our average of over 42”. We have hunted the SCI #1 sable in 2016 and during 2017 the pending SCI #1 (crossbow) amongst several other world class sable bulls. Our last two bulls for 2017 both measured over 45”.

Sable hunting is for all at Quagga Safaris very special and you can expect a royal celebration after getting this royal trophy with us

  • SCI # 1 (Handgun) 46″ Sable, from Limpopo province taken 2016

  • Top class sable measuring 45″

  • Last bull for 2017 season measuring 46″

  • Fantastic trophy measuring just under 45″ with unusual wide spread

  • One of the most majestic sables for 2017 measuring just under 45″